Marie-Luise Pesch

Phone 0611 940 69 77
Mobil 0172 90 14 14 7
Fax 0611 940 69 33

Send me the texts to be translated by e-mail or fax and I will send you a tailor-made offer for your translation order.

Effective in writing only. This principle does not only apply to legally binding texts. In order that your written words are correctly understood by foreign readers, I offer the following services as a translator:

translation of technical texts

in the areas of European company law, commercial and contractual law, criminal law, general economics, European employee representative bodies, finance, politics, automotive industry and development aid

coordination of translation orders

in several languages as well as collaboration with translators in other languages and technical areas

certified translation of documents and legal texts

for private persons, police and court authorities as well as notaries and solicitors

translation of accompanying conference documentation

such as presentations, minutes and agreement drafts

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